Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Bible is FUNNY?

Hey there, Mr. Dave........

What is the story today, can you tell me? I see you have uploaded an article called How to Stop Being so Emotional and Crying while Reading the Holy Bible. I ask you, now, can that possibly be a good idea? What if someone thinks we are poking fun? I hope they know WE did not write that thing. Won't this just bring controversy out the wazoo? We can't do that on our site, can we? I mean, I know it is cyberspace and all, but is this really an anything-goes atmosphere? Let me know if you would....... (still just learning the internet, dontcha know....)


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Dave said...

No, I don't see controversy. It's a charming little article and seems to be written by someone with knowledge of the bible. I think it deserves a chance to be aired, good luck to it.

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