Monday, August 25, 2008

Turning on the Television

Oh yes, Dave, the upload is indeed complete. Those looking for Linda Ellerbee style ways to turn on the TV will be disappointed. Our new article is not about turning on the TV, as in rallying against the TV, but rather about how to turn the TV from off (a state which was hitherto thought unachievable by children in many supposedly developed countries, especially on Saturday mornings) to the on state. Actually it IS possible for a TV to go off, and some befallen by this tragedy will need our clever instructions to rectify the matter. Note to those against the exploitation of children: please avert your eyes.

Picture courtesy of Robin Hutton through Creative Commons.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Illogicopedia and Happy Holidays

Just wanted to thank the very sensible(?) people at Illogicopedia for teaming up with us in an orgy of mutual appreciation. Their blog post sums it up quite well. While we only use the unwanted good works of the cleverly silly, Illogicopedia takes things to another level. Fnurdletoot indeed.

Dave is taking a well earned break from the Interwebs, his opthamologist swears that he has a Google screenshot burnt into his retinas. So, it's a week at the Happy Productive Workers Enjoyment Centre on the East coast of England, enjoying battered foods and Siberian winds.

KiS, I leave everything in your girly but capable hands. I'm looking forward to your Monday upload which contains the classic "This works especially well when you are married to a simplicity-challenged spouse who has connected way too many electronic boxes of all shapes, sizes and functions to the TV".
You'll be replying to Kerrang! Radio? Sigh, more real world publicity work, what it is to be popular.
Oh, if our webspace host gets in touch, the unsigned cheque is in the post.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Nagging

Nagging you for music? Never! You are such a busy guy, Mr. Dave! Yes, there are many nice offerings out there, but the trouble is sifting through it. Maybe someone will send us a link to some good Creative Commons-licensed music some day! And we might use that for our next video. Possibly the famous musician we just recently had an article about, who may or not be pictured here.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Footed Pajamas

Heh, how could you have doubted the allure of adult footed pajamas KiS? Of course you can feel sexy while wearing them, this site proves it. They come in lots of colours and sizes, and the really great thing is... celebrities wear them! That is SO funny!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

wikiHowl Blog Launch

wikiHowl blog launch! Well, here we are, finally public in the blogosphere.
This has been a handy development tool, along with our private wikidot wiki, but as we became more settled into wikiHowl's development our postings here became more musings and anecdotal and looked very shareable. We have had to rip out huge lumps of the archive though, far too much bad language and gratuitous abuse of minor celebrities. So consider it starting from scratch.
The blog description says it all, we will share the latest news from the wikiHowl penthouse and continue to ponder development issues, all while giving our reader the ability to leave comments (assuming we can get him to learn how to use a feed reader).

Hey, KiS. Yes, that's one popular YouTube video. And you managed to mention it without nagging me for some more creative commons licensed music for the next extravaganza. :-)
I don't think we're the only viewers, didn't we get fan mail from one of those complaints choirs? Ok, they sent it to the wrong user but who's complaining, lol.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Feeling Sexy Every Day in Every Way

Oh, Mr. Dave..........

Can someone point out to me WHY we are featuring an article this week on how to look sexy in some kind of pajamas that no one even owns any more? I have not seen anything like that in YEARS and YEARS, and certainly not in an adult size. This is a bit over-the-top, is it not? No wonder we could not find a picture of a woman actually wearing these things and had to resort to this shot of.......whatever it is......

wikiHowl Goes Youtube

Wow, Dave.......

Am I right we now have OVER one HUNDRED views on our Youtube video? How many more hits do we need before people will start calling this incredible phenomenon a viral event? (Assuming, that is, that no more than about eighty percent of these "hits" were generated by us, ourselves. As you recall, we did check in once or twice because we were so amazed we could make one of these things!)