Saturday, August 23, 2008

Illogicopedia and Happy Holidays

Just wanted to thank the very sensible(?) people at Illogicopedia for teaming up with us in an orgy of mutual appreciation. Their blog post sums it up quite well. While we only use the unwanted good works of the cleverly silly, Illogicopedia takes things to another level. Fnurdletoot indeed.

Dave is taking a well earned break from the Interwebs, his opthamologist swears that he has a Google screenshot burnt into his retinas. So, it's a week at the Happy Productive Workers Enjoyment Centre on the East coast of England, enjoying battered foods and Siberian winds.

KiS, I leave everything in your girly but capable hands. I'm looking forward to your Monday upload which contains the classic "This works especially well when you are married to a simplicity-challenged spouse who has connected way too many electronic boxes of all shapes, sizes and functions to the TV".
You'll be replying to Kerrang! Radio? Sigh, more real world publicity work, what it is to be popular.
Oh, if our webspace host gets in touch, the unsigned cheque is in the post.

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