Thursday, August 14, 2008

wikiHowl Blog Launch

wikiHowl blog launch! Well, here we are, finally public in the blogosphere.
This has been a handy development tool, along with our private wikidot wiki, but as we became more settled into wikiHowl's development our postings here became more musings and anecdotal and looked very shareable. We have had to rip out huge lumps of the archive though, far too much bad language and gratuitous abuse of minor celebrities. So consider it starting from scratch.
The blog description says it all, we will share the latest news from the wikiHowl penthouse and continue to ponder development issues, all while giving our reader the ability to leave comments (assuming we can get him to learn how to use a feed reader).

Hey, KiS. Yes, that's one popular YouTube video. And you managed to mention it without nagging me for some more creative commons licensed music for the next extravaganza. :-)
I don't think we're the only viewers, didn't we get fan mail from one of those complaints choirs? Ok, they sent it to the wrong user but who's complaining, lol.

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