Thursday, September 11, 2008

100th Article?

100 Articles, KiS? Wow, I'm glad you highlighted that. This is super news, I went straight off to Tweet that, add it to our RSS feed, and even gave it a mention on our latest iGoogle Gadget update.
I like how we ended up with a descriptive name that we could play with. Because it could easily have been last weeks How to Prepare a Hamster (very unpolitically correct, but funny too), or tomorrows, How to Defeat the Great Possum King of Possum Kingdom. (What the heck is that about? Did I agree to us using it? Was I drunk?)
So, will there be cake? I think there should be cake. Chocolate cake? Maybe 100 cakes? Ooh an idea... What about a competition, KiS? The prize could be one of those cakes. Can we post cake internationally? Too many questions, I will have to lie down. Let me know what you think, KiS.

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