Saturday, September 20, 2008

Creative Commons & Big Butts

Thanks for the reminder about our sharing policy, KiS. We do indeed welcome all, both online and offline, to share our glorious content. The Creative Commons license we share our content under has the usual fair share of legalese but the gist of it is; share, attribute, and don't explicitly sell. Any doubts just drop us a line. I have restated the attribution requirements on our Contact page, but the important thing here is to say we WANT to share. Let's see these gems of modern instructional writing passed around the world.

Big butts! Lol, just typing that makes me grin. Our latest literary marvel is a brief but functional guide to achieving a fuller figure. For me there is nothing politically incorrect about the theme; I am a fan of all the shapes and sizes we come in, and Queen got it quite right with "fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round..." Well, I'm rambling here, what I wanted to say is, I am SO over the moon having created a web page with big butt in the URL.

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