Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ever Searching

So true, Dave. Yes, it was indeed The Captioning Department which let the world down on this one. We hope to avoid this in the coming weeks as we prepare both photos and captions for upcoming articles. We'll be presenting all kinds of things from the darling little Shar-Pei dogs (which as you may know, come originally from that great land known as China Middle Kingdom) to calculator breakage, to deeper coverage of emos and even veering into some territory involving a couple of girls, one of whom appears to be somewhat twitterpated.

(And speaking of emos, when did that whole emo thing start, anyway? There must be a History of Emos somewhere on the net; it is certainly a development which took me by surprise.) Anyway, we're working on it, all of it. And we are not afraid despite these rapidly approaching deadlines. (We do like to roll out these articles on a regular basis for our adoring fans). We have one nagging problem, though, as we seriously don't have a clue how to illustrate that age old problem of The Gassy Roommate. But The Captioning Department is kicking it into high gear and will take a deeper dive into our flirtationship with flickr.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big Butt Captioning & Search Engines

Hiya KiS, thanks for the comments in the post below regarding the photo caption on our Get a Really Big Butt article. I'm a little confused, I remember writing the caption myself on the fly while uploading, but why was this? Our captioning department are usually pretty good at being up to date, did I just ignore them? Lol, I'm thinking it may have been a senior moment.
But, the caption you have shown is maybe just a little... long? Isn't there a chance it is as long as the article itself? And as for our Suggest a Caption slot on the left of this page, well... wouldn't we need our readers to have ultra-widescreen monitors to see all of that???

Anyway, this reminds me that we have a pair of recent of articles that are galloping up the wikiHowl Most Popular chart. Both Get a Really Big Butt and Eat a Hot Dog are strong contenders for being listed in our most popular articles section of wikiHowl at the end of the month.
How are readers finding them? Well, Big Butt visitors are using some really interesting Google search terms to get there. Here's a few:
how to get a big butt
bigg butt diet
how to get the butt you want
eating tips for a bigger butt
want a big butt
big butt cream (I have SafeSearch switched off, not a good idea for this search.)

How did we get along before search engines?

Monday, October 13, 2008


Nick Margerrison from Kerrang! Radio was kind enough to give us a few tips today during my interview, which was arranged following a previous appearance on the show. You Brits sure do love the wikiHowls, and we thank you for that!

I had a great time, but although it is a recorded interview you still imagine a million listeners wondering "what is this person talking about..."

I guess this latest talk will air tomorrow night at some point between 10 PM and 1 AM UK time. He has some really good how-to tips to share with the world, which those of you living on that side of the pond won't wish to miss. We did go over some very important strictly wikiHowl wisDom as well, such as How to Tell an Elephant Apart from an Apple... and also How to Stick It to the Man. Most useful of course will be How to Remain in Existence, a challenge for us all. Maybe Ben Bernanke or Henry Paulson could hurry up and read that one to the US Stock Market right away quick.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Caption Mixup

Days ago you must have uploaded the Big Butt article, Dave. I do think that will attract a certain amount of attention, given the lofty intellectual state of internet searchers these days. I guess you did not like the ORIGINAL caption, however, which was something more along the lines of the following:

There is no shame in sporting a ridiculously tiny butt, one which a myriad of girls and women might be envious of. However, if you MUST, you can use these handy instructions to set yourself up on a routine or working towards the time-honored goal of developing a most delightfully capacious derriere, much along the lines of those lovely ladies adorning a Rubens oil painting, which you may have at one time or another gazed upon in a museum. Start today and you might even achieve the look of one of the not-so-skinny movie stars who have become all the rage lately, as perhaps a Jennifer Lopez or a Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame.

Don't tell me you thought that was too long a caption or something.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Wisdom Of Crowds

I am a firm believer in the wisdom of crowds and certainly knock about with a bunch of them in the social collaboration world. Where they can come into their own is with the sourcing and sharing of information, and what better tool can they have now than the global internets?
Where does wikiHowl come into this? Well, one man's cartoon pie is another man's truth. Some of our articles have been shared and discussed by groups with their own very focused interests.
Here are a few groups and forums who at some time have linked to and visited in large numbers their own choice of wikiHowl informational pages.

Perdition, a European World of Warcraft guild showed an interest in how to stop bears.

Goonersweb, the Arsenal football club supporters who just needed to know how to eat a shoe.

The Smithies at the Daily Jolt made good use of How to Have a Bowel Movement at a Loved One's Home.

The lovely ladies at What to Expect were discussing the pros and cons of having sex in a fitting room.

The participants at and were intrigued by the thought of getting into a girl's pants.

And preparing for the raptor apocalypse was certainly on the agenda of the following groups,, FKMOD, Andy Weir's Comics Forum Forum and the-Ozone Forum.