Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big Butt Captioning & Search Engines

Hiya KiS, thanks for the comments in the post below regarding the photo caption on our Get a Really Big Butt article. I'm a little confused, I remember writing the caption myself on the fly while uploading, but why was this? Our captioning department are usually pretty good at being up to date, did I just ignore them? Lol, I'm thinking it may have been a senior moment.
But, the caption you have shown is maybe just a little... long? Isn't there a chance it is as long as the article itself? And as for our Suggest a Caption slot on the left of this page, well... wouldn't we need our readers to have ultra-widescreen monitors to see all of that???

Anyway, this reminds me that we have a pair of recent of articles that are galloping up the wikiHowl Most Popular chart. Both Get a Really Big Butt and Eat a Hot Dog are strong contenders for being listed in our most popular articles section of wikiHowl at the end of the month.
How are readers finding them? Well, Big Butt visitors are using some really interesting Google search terms to get there. Here's a few:
how to get a big butt
bigg butt diet
how to get the butt you want
eating tips for a bigger butt
want a big butt
big butt cream (I have SafeSearch switched off, not a good idea for this search.)

How did we get along before search engines?

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