Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ever Searching

So true, Dave. Yes, it was indeed The Captioning Department which let the world down on this one. We hope to avoid this in the coming weeks as we prepare both photos and captions for upcoming articles. We'll be presenting all kinds of things from the darling little Shar-Pei dogs (which as you may know, come originally from that great land known as China Middle Kingdom) to calculator breakage, to deeper coverage of emos and even veering into some territory involving a couple of girls, one of whom appears to be somewhat twitterpated.

(And speaking of emos, when did that whole emo thing start, anyway? There must be a History of Emos somewhere on the net; it is certainly a development which took me by surprise.) Anyway, we're working on it, all of it. And we are not afraid despite these rapidly approaching deadlines. (We do like to roll out these articles on a regular basis for our adoring fans). We have one nagging problem, though, as we seriously don't have a clue how to illustrate that age old problem of The Gassy Roommate. But The Captioning Department is kicking it into high gear and will take a deeper dive into our flirtationship with flickr.

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