Monday, October 13, 2008


Nick Margerrison from Kerrang! Radio was kind enough to give us a few tips today during my interview, which was arranged following a previous appearance on the show. You Brits sure do love the wikiHowls, and we thank you for that!

I had a great time, but although it is a recorded interview you still imagine a million listeners wondering "what is this person talking about..."

I guess this latest talk will air tomorrow night at some point between 10 PM and 1 AM UK time. He has some really good how-to tips to share with the world, which those of you living on that side of the pond won't wish to miss. We did go over some very important strictly wikiHowl wisDom as well, such as How to Tell an Elephant Apart from an Apple... and also How to Stick It to the Man. Most useful of course will be How to Remain in Existence, a challenge for us all. Maybe Ben Bernanke or Henry Paulson could hurry up and read that one to the US Stock Market right away quick.

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