Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Wisdom Of Crowds

I am a firm believer in the wisdom of crowds and certainly knock about with a bunch of them in the social collaboration world. Where they can come into their own is with the sourcing and sharing of information, and what better tool can they have now than the global internets?
Where does wikiHowl come into this? Well, one man's cartoon pie is another man's truth. Some of our articles have been shared and discussed by groups with their own very focused interests.
Here are a few groups and forums who at some time have linked to and visited in large numbers their own choice of wikiHowl informational pages.

Perdition, a European World of Warcraft guild showed an interest in how to stop bears.

Goonersweb, the Arsenal football club supporters who just needed to know how to eat a shoe.

The Smithies at the Daily Jolt made good use of How to Have a Bowel Movement at a Loved One's Home.

The lovely ladies at What to Expect were discussing the pros and cons of having sex in a fitting room.

The participants at and were intrigued by the thought of getting into a girl's pants.

And preparing for the raptor apocalypse was certainly on the agenda of the following groups,, FKMOD, Andy Weir's Comics Forum Forum and the-Ozone Forum.

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