Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bem Vindo

We have been having a ton of fun on Facebook as we scramble to accept a flurry of friends requests. As continually pointed out by persons unnamed, Facebook is way funner than MySpace. It is great to be able to share our articles over there, and a few pics, too. Getting some feedback from our readers is lovely.

Do you think our readers know, Dave, that one of the funnest things we do at wikiHowl is to search for just the perfect photo for each of our new articles? In fact, sometimes we have to delay an article for just a little while, because we really don't know how to illustrate it. Such was the case with today's upload. Thanks for being patient, Dave......that was one of the better articles we had waiting, and we have been sitting on it just a little too long, I know. It took me a while to depict the concept of Orkut, without actually using the logo of the company! But I managed; the young man snoozing on the chair, laptop in hand, has nicely done the trick.

Speaking of Orkut.....it's incredibly popular in Brazil, you say. Verdade? Creio que sim! With that kind of popularity, Orkut should not have any trouble staying around for a long time. Bom dia, boa tarde and boa noite to anyone who comes across our Orkut article from that amazing and alluring land to the south.

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