Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy Birthday wikiHowl!

Happy Birthday wikiHowl!
So, wikiHowl is one year old this week. What a year it has been; frustration, tears, tantrums, chocolate, elation, and more chocolate. We initially came online with three articles, Fight a Unicorn, Sit in a Chair and Rabbit Eating Disorders. These were pre-launch in late October 2007 and set the tone for things to come. Has the time passed quickly? Oh yes, reaching our tenth article (How to Eat a Shoe) seemed to take forever, and now what seems a few months later we are preparing tomorrows How to Behave in Certain Situations at Restaurants which will be number 117!
We have made friends along the way, which among many include the fungis at Illogicopedia, our followers at Twitter, and the latest the recent emails swapped with a new reader requiring more information on how to become a vampire, (good luck with that young master Vang).
We realised just how small the Interweb has made our planet; when looking back over the last year we see we have been visited by readers from 142 countries. Wow, I cannot name that many. (Still nothing from Greenland though!)
I raise a toast now to all our readers past and future, "So long and thanks for all the fish!", oh wrong one... "Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to you, may all your dilemmas be solved by wikiHowl!" Cheers!

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