Sunday, November 02, 2008

How to Save Halloween Candy

Dave, have you noticed how many people are out there roaming the internet to find out what to do with candy bars now that Halloween has passed? It is great to see so many well-meaning moms landing on our article about same. I would imagine we have two groups looking to wikiHowl for the information:
1. Those who have bought excess candy and wish to save some for later (I would not know anything about that mindset, as my extra candy would never last long enough for me to get to the keyboard to do a little research!) and
2. Those who have very industrious children who have brought home a massive amount of the sugar-infested treats, and who, as disciplined and guiding parents, wish to save some of this candy for later (particularly the chocolate bars), so as to save their children from sugar overdose. Good for them. (Though, truth be told, this is another mindset I personally don't understand.)
Along with articles on How Long Can You Keep M&Ms in the Freezer? and How to Freeze a Snickers Bar, or How to Preserve Storebought Candy, I think the internet ought to have articles about how to deal with the chocolate addiction you are hiding from your children even as you pilfer their stash while they are away at school, or dutifully completing their homework. Hah!

Our readers are to be commended. They are better dads and moms than I!

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