Friday, November 14, 2008

Winning, Candy & Zombies

Can we win, KiS? Well, that's a big question, especially as it's only the nominations for entries into the Open Web Awards at the moment. The actual voting, two rounds, will come later. Blimey we WILL have to work for this.
I'm not sure whether the schools don't have it right. We could get an award for just signing up, cool. My son used to run in school Sports Day races and came home proudly with his I Have Run In A Race certificates. Were there prizes for winners? Well, we weren't to find out. It turns out he was more of a Runescape athlete. Heck this would have been great in the Olympics, returning Olympians disembarking from their homecoming planes proudly waving their certificates! Wow, how off-topic is this? Ok, wikiHowl are attempting to enter the Mashable Open Web Awards and will be coming to you for votes if our nomination attempt goes well.

Freezing candy. Well, as previously mentioned by the illustrious (shiny?) KiS, Halloween brought a huge number of searchers to us. All seeking information on how to keep candy bars for later use. Just how much candy was collected!? We are STILL getting the seekers of the cool chocolate secrets more than two weeks later. Forget it, just eat it! Oh, did I say that out loud? No, if you have a genuine storage problem then consider forwarding your surplus sweet delights to the wikiHowl penthouse, we will find a use for it. Mmm...

A last word for now is a gentle warning. Please don't do as I did, and only scan our article about surviving a zombie attack. If you don't study it in detail you may end up as I did, demonstrating your woeful knowledge in an Internet quiz. Here are my results:


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