Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Deep Disappointment

You are kidding me, Dave! First, The How-To Manual YOU Can Laugh At fails to become the 2008 Winner of the Open Web Awards; and now we have no chance of a fair hearing over at Number Ten? This just does not add up, no matter how big a calculator you use.

I am crushed. Are the bureaucratic pinheads unaware that wikiHowl has the largest collection of funny how-to articles anywhere on the planet? That ought to garner us some kind of favor with powers that be. (Oh.......wait, if they do know, that would not exactly work in our favor, would it.) And the British are supposed to be known for their sense of humor!

Well I won't wallow. No, I am too busy putting the finishing touches on a seriously silly series of how-to guides soon to be set free on the site. Coming right up, we will witness the unwrapping of wacky way-to-do-its about ghosts, gassy roommates, and pants. (That last ought to be good for Letterman fans). Those wanting to leap into the land of the Legendary will be able to see to that small task, and then smuggle their phones into school, fend off a few Giant Squid, and then go on open doors with abandon. (Yes, we will soon have full instructions on this elementary but eerily elusive maneuver!) In the New Year, you'll be able to get all the girls to like you, and then KISS them! And don't forget, this all on top of our already brimming section on that side of things. Oh what fun our readers are going to have as we charge towards 2009.

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