Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Office

We at wikiHowl do seem to have a bit of an entree into the inner sanctum of work life, do we not? If all our readers need to know is stuff about how to operate pencil sharpeners and highlighters, we totally have that covered. Of course some of the world's more challenged office staffers will need to know the essentials preparatory to heading out to the office in the first place, such as how to make yourself smell good and maybe even how to look great when you choose from your work wardrobe. The MOST industrious workers, such as those in bureaucracies and other sundry governmental offices (where the real work in this world gets done, lol) may need to catch up on how to get some entertainment going, and then stare at for all the frickin' day at that cathode ray tube. But you can't really do anything at all in any office without having first mastered how to get into a comfortable seated position. Anyway, whatever those in the world of office work need, they can relax in the knowledge that wikiHowl has saved for them a whole bunch of funny how-tos which are going to make life in the office a whole heck of a lot easier.

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