Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bienvenido al español wikiHowl

So, we have a small milestone. Yesterday was the first non-English wikiHowl article to be posted, Cómo molestar a la Gente en McDonalds, a curious instructional guide to bothering those hard working fast food outlet employees we all too often take for granted. Not that this will further their cause if implemented, oh well.
While we're happy to pronounce this to be the start of Spanish wikiHowl this is unlikely to be a common occurrence. There is a dearth of non-English articles in the English wikiHow, so we wait patiently for wikiHow's other language projects to take off. When indeed, we will be dipping in and saving the weird, wacky, irreverent and rude from there too.
How has the article been taken so far? Well, it's early days for the search engines to pick up on it, but there has been a good reaction from our Facebook supporters, and some word of mouth traffic is incoming too. A good start, and for the English only readers (yours truly included), there is Google Translate to help us join in. (Pero nunca vamos a tener un artículo de Groenlandia?)

Ok KiS, I am now contemplating your post re cake-in-a-cup. This is serious? We can bake chocolate cake in a cup? Get the instructions to me fast! Dave is rattling about in the cupboards looking for the jokey extra sized mug.

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