Friday, January 09, 2009


Yes, a Happy New Year to all........and now it is time to settle in and see how we are doing with our new year's resolutions. Perhaps we have a few readers who have been just a little too successful with our article about How to Get a Big Butt? Going the opposite way seems to be a popular resolution. I even heard Richard Simmons talking about this on the radio recently, announcing the slogan A Smaller Behind in 2009. That sounds like a good plan to me. But we have no article about how to lose weight so I am afraid that if getting small is your goal wikiHowl can't really help you. No one finds humor in the heavy topic of weight-loss, I suppose, and that is why they don't write funny wikis on the topic. And people don't write 'em, we never see 'em and can't bring them to you. Our readers will recall that our entire reason for being is that we take the funniest articles we find that wikiHow does not want, and assemble them into what is now the world's largest compendium of funny how-to articles.

I suppose there is some slim chance that some of our articles could help readers pursue their resolutions, especially if the resolutions are slightly weird. Maybe you have a burning desire to become famous despite a complete lack of talent or abilities? Or, if you have decided to read the entire bible this year, we can help you get through the sad parts. Want to become the smartest person in the whole world? wikiHowl is here with a handy guide. Maybe circumstances madoff with your millions and you just want to get control of your finances in this global economic downturn. Or maybe all you want is a nice new hat! Just have a browse around the strangest corners of the world's largest funny how-to manual and maybe we can be of assistance.

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