Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blink, Breathe, Repeat 150 Times

How to blink and breathe, it is a great article and just has to be useful for somebody. Is this like sneezing and keeping your eyes open though? Can you do both at the same time? I can't recall if the article mentions this, this could be a good task for our team of celebrity article testers, we'll set them on it and get back to you. There has been good initial feedback, the lovely Laura of found it particularly useful.
Now, here I am rambling over the content of the article and what I really wanted to announce was, THIS IS OUR 150TH ARTICLE! Except I'm not easily excitable, so won't shout it out loud like that. This is our 150th article and we really are quite pleased. There, that's better.
That's 150 of the weirdest, wackiest, irreverentest(?) and rudest that wikiHow doesn't have to offer. Here's to the next 150!

When is Florida's birthday, KiS? Of course I read every word you write, I just have the memory of a thing who's name I forget. It's just that I haven't bought a card yet and need to keep an eye on the postage times.
Following your lead with our Floridian site visitors, we should also mention our Floridian blog readers who have visited us recently from both St Petersburg and the lovely sounding Pompano Beach. Great to have you here.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Florida!

As one restlessly roams 'round the internet late at night, it is hard to miss the fact that we are quickly coming up on the birthday of the great state of Florida, which has been with us ever since March 3, 1845. Florida was around before that too, I suppose. Its a pretty big place and it did not just materialize out of thin air, even though it is just so much sand. But that was the day (March 3rd was) on which Florida became the 27th state admitted to the union. As everyone knows, Florida was named by Juan Ponce de León, who landed on that sunny paradise way back on April 2, 1513. You'll all recall he had come in search of the fountain of youth, as people continue to do to this day. And we are glad they do, because once they get to Florida, they very often come and visit wikiHowl for a bit. We either have a ton of followers who live in Florida, OR our two readers really get around a lot on their holidays. We are not sure which, but we do like to dream. Anyway, if we are not mistaken, we have Florida fans from Venice to Jupiter. Our fans also hail from Mount Dora (there is a high place in Florida??) to Tallahassee, not to mention a huge following in Pinnelas Park. And the favorite article for Florida seems to be the one about how to gain access to certain parts of a woman. Ahem. What are people out there in Florida cyberspace thinking, lol?

What we do hope for, in the very worst way is to have someone from Key West send us a tweet, or a blog comment or an email, or something..... and tell us they are watching us from the southernmost point in the continental US. So if you know anyone away down there in those parts, send them a link, why dontcha!

And Happy Birthday to Florida!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Place is a Sketch!

As our followers (all three or four of them), must surely have noticed by now, we exist by dint of the generosity of those who share materials through Creative Commons licensing. All of our articles have been published on wikiHow before being carefully deleted to make room for more (ahem) "useful" material. That is not to say that OUR articles are NOT useful, but.....well....... I digress.....Anyway some of the most fun we have comes from choosing just the right Creative Commons photo to illustrate each funny how-to guide. For that, we sometimes use our own photos (those'll be the indecipherable ones you can hardly make out). But we more often use the formidable Flickr. And now we find a fun new resource in The Sketchory. There are over two hundred thousand sketches to choose from over there, and we will doubtless be dipping in to use some of those amazing drawings from time to time. Sketchory.comOur readers, when they are not busy trying to plan for a zombie attack or learning how to get hold of a little free cheese, can help if they like. Many of the drawings over at The Sketchory could use a bit of tagging and voting. By rating the best offerings at The Sketchory, you make it more likely that sites like ours will find and use the really good stuff, all for your eventual amusement. It's a big job, and SOMEBODY is going to get to have a heck of a lot of fun doing it, so why not yourself?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

International wikiHowl

I was having a chat the other day, with a fan of wikiHowl and the subject of non-English language writing came up. Well, I leapt in with our ground breaking use of a Spanish article, Cómo molestar a la Gente en McDonalds, and confirmed that we wish this to be the first of many. Initially these will be drawn from the other language projects of, but a longer term goal could include translation of exisiting articles.
Anyway, later in the day I am playing with my rubber duck in the bath and I have a eureka moment! We DO have more other language articles in our collection!
we H4vE 4 5UPeR 4rtICle reG4RDIn' th05E 4LL T00 tRickY 20m8IE inV45I0n2, wRiTT3N in L33t. [We have a super article regarding those all too tricky zombie invasions, written in Leet.] How to Survive a Leet Zombie Invasion.
& 2 go w DIS, a curious RtikL guiding us along d best path 2wRd BcumN a teen, RitN n txt spk. [And to go with this, a curious article guiding us along the best path toward becoming a teenager, written in text speak.] How to Be a Teenager.
Cool. Spanish, Leet and TxtSpk. Now, who do we know who speaks Klingon..?

Friday, February 06, 2009

On The Buses

How's about this then? Spotted by an eagle eyed reader and forwarded to us recently.

What, there is no eagle eyed reader? Well sure there is, they are all beautiful people with eyesight as good as that belonging to a thing that can see really well.

Oh, the photograph is a fake? Well, maybe a little, lol. But hey, if we could afford bus advertising that would be our ideal. What better way to lead people to our very popular How to Survive a Zombie Attack article. Ok, fake advertising, it's neither big nor clever, but hey it's cheap!

(Kis? Can you fix this image? It's all blurry and stuff...)