Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Florida!

As one restlessly roams 'round the internet late at night, it is hard to miss the fact that we are quickly coming up on the birthday of the great state of Florida, which has been with us ever since March 3, 1845. Florida was around before that too, I suppose. Its a pretty big place and it did not just materialize out of thin air, even though it is just so much sand. But that was the day (March 3rd was) on which Florida became the 27th state admitted to the union. As everyone knows, Florida was named by Juan Ponce de León, who landed on that sunny paradise way back on April 2, 1513. You'll all recall he had come in search of the fountain of youth, as people continue to do to this day. And we are glad they do, because once they get to Florida, they very often come and visit wikiHowl for a bit. We either have a ton of followers who live in Florida, OR our two readers really get around a lot on their holidays. We are not sure which, but we do like to dream. Anyway, if we are not mistaken, we have Florida fans from Venice to Jupiter. Our fans also hail from Mount Dora (there is a high place in Florida??) to Tallahassee, not to mention a huge following in Pinnelas Park. And the favorite article for Florida seems to be the one about how to gain access to certain parts of a woman. Ahem. What are people out there in Florida cyberspace thinking, lol?

What we do hope for, in the very worst way is to have someone from Key West send us a tweet, or a blog comment or an email, or something..... and tell us they are watching us from the southernmost point in the continental US. So if you know anyone away down there in those parts, send them a link, why dontcha!

And Happy Birthday to Florida!

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