Saturday, February 14, 2009

International wikiHowl

I was having a chat the other day, with a fan of wikiHowl and the subject of non-English language writing came up. Well, I leapt in with our ground breaking use of a Spanish article, Cómo molestar a la Gente en McDonalds, and confirmed that we wish this to be the first of many. Initially these will be drawn from the other language projects of, but a longer term goal could include translation of exisiting articles.
Anyway, later in the day I am playing with my rubber duck in the bath and I have a eureka moment! We DO have more other language articles in our collection!
we H4vE 4 5UPeR 4rtICle reG4RDIn' th05E 4LL T00 tRickY 20m8IE inV45I0n2, wRiTT3N in L33t. [We have a super article regarding those all too tricky zombie invasions, written in Leet.] How to Survive a Leet Zombie Invasion.
& 2 go w DIS, a curious RtikL guiding us along d best path 2wRd BcumN a teen, RitN n txt spk. [And to go with this, a curious article guiding us along the best path toward becoming a teenager, written in text speak.] How to Be a Teenager.
Cool. Spanish, Leet and TxtSpk. Now, who do we know who speaks Klingon..?

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