Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Place is a Sketch!

As our followers (all three or four of them), must surely have noticed by now, we exist by dint of the generosity of those who share materials through Creative Commons licensing. All of our articles have been published on wikiHow before being carefully deleted to make room for more (ahem) "useful" material. That is not to say that OUR articles are NOT useful, but.....well....... I digress.....Anyway some of the most fun we have comes from choosing just the right Creative Commons photo to illustrate each funny how-to guide. For that, we sometimes use our own photos (those'll be the indecipherable ones you can hardly make out). But we more often use the formidable Flickr. And now we find a fun new resource in The Sketchory. There are over two hundred thousand sketches to choose from over there, and we will doubtless be dipping in to use some of those amazing drawings from time to time. Sketchory.comOur readers, when they are not busy trying to plan for a zombie attack or learning how to get hold of a little free cheese, can help if they like. Many of the drawings over at The Sketchory could use a bit of tagging and voting. By rating the best offerings at The Sketchory, you make it more likely that sites like ours will find and use the really good stuff, all for your eventual amusement. It's a big job, and SOMEBODY is going to get to have a heck of a lot of fun doing it, so why not yourself?

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