Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Canadian Mice

How many articles, Dave? 150 you said? How on earth did that happen? Here we are having fun putting this site together, little by little and suddenly we arrive at a milestone like that? That's a really big number. YAY US!

And by the way, Dave..........all the way over there wherever you are......I am a bit worried about our reader in Canada lately. Have you noticed anything weird? As everyone knows, we have as many as two readers of wikiHowl, and it would appear now that one of them lives up there in the Great White North. And that reader may have developed a bit of a problem. Or they have a sticky mouse or something, because they have clicked on us 382 times in the past few days! What is the story with that? Do we have a particularly intriguing picture, possibly in our titillating section or something, lol? We have so many articles now in our great big manual of hilarious how-to guides, that it is hard to tell. Anyway, I seriously don't know what possibly could have caused this. Maybe they are looking for our article about Cartoon Pie? (They will find it soon if they realize to click the you think they will know this? Shall we send them an email or a twitter or something?)

Who knows why website readers do the things that they do, but we do cherish ours. (I wonder where the other reader lives?) Oh, and apologies to anyone looking here for a little something about chocolate. There really isn't anything at all here about chocolate. Nothing at all, not even about deep fried candy bars like the ones they have at some state fairs or anything. Sorry. But for some reason, I just couldn't resist using the chocolate tag on this post.

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