Monday, April 06, 2009

Crisis What Crisis?

Well, we had a treat a few weeks ago. Our tounge-in-cheek How to Get Your Family out of a Financial Crisis was picked up by the popular political blog. What a reaction that was, the clever writing of our original author hit a very big nerve. We were linked to from dozens of interesting blogs and had some great republishing under our creative commons license. With thirteen thousand plus visitors to the site all clamouring for a look, we had to borrow chairs from next door and pop down the shops for some more tea-bags. Great fun.
Likewise, How to Talk to a Heinz Pickle was a surprise hit in March too. Mind you, I tried it, it works!
So, thinking about the sharing of our content this would be a great time to restate our republishing conditions. All are welcome to reprint any of our articles online or offline under our stated Creative Commons license, and our attribution requirements are easily satisfied. For internet republishing a direct link back to the article and text stating the material came from " - The How-To Manual That YOU Can Laugh At" is all we ask for. Any usage outside of our license can be considered, just drop us a line. Go for it, we really do want to share this great content with a wider audience.

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