Thursday, April 30, 2009

Examine the Evidence

Ooh, good point, bringing up our licensing, Dave! Very timely. We have quite a few new articles which people might like to share through Creative Commons. It is more and more likely they will do it right about NOW! Why? Because we are close to exam time! As the end of the school year kicks in, exams are coming up, and long and tedious papers are waiting to be written. Naturally, we are likely to see people going to their blogs and twitter and facebook to waste all kinds of time sharing important (ahem) info with whoever will listen. High school students and even college students are not going to be spending all their available time studying, even if they kind of want to. Seriously, which seems more fun to you? Learning the formula for the area of a sphere or investigating How to Put a Tutu on a Penguin ? In a contest between reviewing a list of 500 vocabulary words in Spanish, or reading all about or how to fall in public, which one do YOU think is going to win?? Sociology 101 is a heck of a lot of fun (not) , and so is Advanced Physics, (totally not), but neither is likely to hold a candle to a chance to learn all about how to survive in Walmart for a whole day!

But we digress. We should be responsible adults and remind those who have happened upon our blog during exam time, to scoot out of here and get back to studying. Move along.......nothing to see here.

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