Thursday, May 21, 2009

Randomly wikiHowl

It has been a while since we had a chat about wikiHowl's iGoogle gadget. We revamped it back in December and the all new random selection of cute pictures, funny mouseover caption and article snippet is proving more popular than ever. It is currently being fed by the details from 170 of our finest articles and that number grows every week.
Our faithful followers in the USA, Australia, UK and Canada are being joined now by friends from such super places as the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Sweden and Barbados. What great taste you all have!
This raises a question though, how are our non-English speakers coping? Our visitor analytics suggest that in the last month, Estonian, Chinese (Taiwan), Romanian and Polish were the most common non-English languages being used in our visitors browsers. If we were to create a second iGoogle gadget which language would YOU like to see it in? What about Dutch? The most popular in the last year. Go on, make a suggestion, it could happen.

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