Sunday, May 31, 2009

Robot or Cyborg

Our latest contribution to the world of the 'be prepared, it just may happen' is How to Avoid Being Shot by a Robot. It is full of what look like quite believable tips but what does a Kill Switch look like? Will it be labelled?
The other question I had was will this work on cyborgs too? I took that question off to the good people currently studying T209: People and Interactions with the UK Open University, Those chaps (and chapettes) are researching the technological and social issues with regard to cyborg technologies. (Well, somebody has to, lol.) This isn't the straightforward question it appears to be. Apparently we first have to define cyborg and this involves contemplation such as this.
Dalek: Robot or cyborg?
Terminator: Robot or cyborg?
Inspector Gadget: Robot or cyborg?
And so on... including; C3-PO, Metal Mickey, Borg, RoboCop.
Do you know, after all this I forgot the original question that I put to them, but maybe that was the intention. Ok, I'll leave them watching the Terminator movies and get back to vacuuming the wikiHowl penthouse. Try the article, it's great!

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Pity the poor soul who has to switch the damn thing ON !!!

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