Saturday, May 09, 2009

wikiHowl in Second Life

Well, what can we say, Second Life. The virtual world for virtually all tastes. We (well, I... KiS is kept far too busy here doing coloring-in and stuff) have been roaming the continents making friends and generally forgetting to mention wikiHowl while sky diving from 4 kilometres up (it's quite a rush). Not to worry, it's all about the experience, and when you have your give something back to the community brainwave you find you have contacts all over who can help out. We were thinking about creating something nice that we could share out along with the bicycles (don't ask, well do, it's a good story). What we came up with is an exclusive range of wikiHowl T-shirts. Modelled here by yours truly. Yes, we know pink is for girls, but there were none around when I took the photographs (honest). Mind you, I think I carry it off ok.
We were put in touch with what must be the most patient fashion designer in Second Life, Becky Arado. Just how many changes can be asked for with four lines of text? Dozens, trust me. It is likely that the air in Becky's workshop was as blue as the shirt. So in return (and it's very small recompense) we offered to highlight her good works in the First Life.
Becky has been designing in Second Life for about a year, starting with Sky Boxes (imagine manouvering large floating structures while hovering and flying about yourself, pretty cool), and eventually finding her niche in fashion and unique/weird household items. We're waiting to see the results from designing clothes with unique textures too, glass clothes can you imagine that!
Becky's shop, Becky's Hideaway, has been open for about a month and is located at the picturesque Isla del Amor run by Kara Dae and Hooyah Voom (do IM these friendly people for a chat).
Shop stocked items tend to be newbie friendly and are priced around the 50L$ mark. Do drop Becky Arado an IM when in-world, and hey with very little arm twisting at all she has agreed that if you mention wikiHowl she'll talk discounts with you.
One more thing though, how do YOU get your exclusive wikiHowl T-shirt? Just IM UKDave Dodonpa, and it's all yours. Ah, you're likely to get a bicycle too, just humor him and take it.)
Pictures from the interview, Becky is the pretty one.

wikiHowl interviewing Becky Arado

Nice work if you can get it.

Becky Arado

Becky's Hideaway

Shop with a view.

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