Monday, June 22, 2009


The funnest thing (as opposed to the funniest thing) about doing wikiHow (and wikiHowl, of course) has got to be that we learn so much, right Dave? I learned a new word last night, which is LOLCAT!

I had seen these before of course, here and there, but never really thought of them comprehensively as an internet phenom.....but of course they are. And it seems to have started back in the nineties, which may have perhaps been their heyday. Anyway, who knew?

It occurred to me that we really ought to have our own, so here ya go, world!

With appreciation to ColKorn1982 for the cat pic!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pink Shirts and other Vanity Issues

Dave, you are the best to go ahead and get that all wrapped up for us! I wonder how many people even KNOW that you can now get a custom vanity URL at Facebook? Usually internet and tech information filters very slowly from younger people (okay, downright children or teenagers or whatever you want to call them) up towards me. But in this case, the info went the opposite direction. So there were some very impressed people in my house recently for a good ninety seconds or so, until something came up and they were all on to the next exciting thing modern day life has to offer.

Anyway, speaking of cool internet communities and the fascinating things about modern day life, I did promise a photo of me (sort of) in a shirt, some time back, I believe. And here it is. I understand these free wikiHowl t-shirts you have been giving out over in Second Life have been all the rage!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

wikiHowl in Facebook

Ok, it's either mow the grass atop the wikiHowl penthouse or write you a quick note about wikiHowl in Facebook. Hmm, that's a cloud over there on the horizon, might rain.
wikiHowl has a growing presence on Facebook ably managed by our fair KiS, when she isn't doing our colouring-in of course. It is becoming quite the place to chat with us and receive updates about our many doings. Of course a minor failing of Facebook in the past was linking to profiles, the links tended to include 500 (ish) random integers and were far from pretty, certainly not something you could drop on a business card. This all changed yesterday with the launch of Facebook Usernames. Custom vanity URLs for all users, nice. This certainly wasn't something to be ignored, so your valiant Dave stayed up till 5am in his time zone to await the launch (ok, he was up for another reason too but that would spoil the story). Come the witching hour we joined the 200,000 who registered a name in the first three minutes of the launch and are now happy to announce you can reach us at

Monday, June 01, 2009

Possibly not a Joke

Wow, Dave.......I was pretty sure the robot article was a joke, but maybe not! Yesterday I happened to tune in to a fascinating show about how robotics are already being used in warfare. The speaker pointed out that there will be much more of this to come, because when you can send a machine out to do the attacking, the true cost of aggression is much smaller than when you send a human.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Plus there is the aspect of not having to talk the attacker into carrying out and completing the mission, which comes in handy when the people sending the attackers are not governments at all, but instead, rogue entities with nefarious interests. I wanted to listen to the entire show, but when I got home and tried to track it down, I was unable to find back-scheduling info on XM about the NPR stream they happened to be carrying at that time. Too bad. It was fascinating, if scary stuff.

Anyway, maybe we will all just retreat into Second Life when we find that we actually do have reason to go to the internet to seek information about how to protect ourselves from cyborgs or robots or whatever the experts decide they all are. Might we protect ourselves from machines by inhabiting worlds inside of machines? Oh, this is getting too heavy a topic for this time of the morning, my weary head is telling me.

Anyway, speaking of Second Life, I have been so busy exploring there since I got my lovely pink wikiHowl shirt (thanks to ALL who made that possible!) that I forgot to come out and blog about it, lol. Now that I am one of those blogger peeps, I really ought to show a little more responsibility! Let me just assure our dedicated blog reader (that is, if we still have one) that when I get back to my First Life home I will see about uploading a nice pic.