Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pink Shirts and other Vanity Issues

Dave, you are the best to go ahead and get that all wrapped up for us! I wonder how many people even KNOW that you can now get a custom vanity URL at Facebook? Usually internet and tech information filters very slowly from younger people (okay, downright children or teenagers or whatever you want to call them) up towards me. But in this case, the info went the opposite direction. So there were some very impressed people in my house recently for a good ninety seconds or so, until something came up and they were all on to the next exciting thing modern day life has to offer.

Anyway, speaking of cool internet communities and the fascinating things about modern day life, I did promise a photo of me (sort of) in a shirt, some time back, I believe. And here it is. I understand these free wikiHowl t-shirts you have been giving out over in Second Life have been all the rage!

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