Sunday, June 14, 2009

wikiHowl in Facebook

Ok, it's either mow the grass atop the wikiHowl penthouse or write you a quick note about wikiHowl in Facebook. Hmm, that's a cloud over there on the horizon, might rain.
wikiHowl has a growing presence on Facebook ably managed by our fair KiS, when she isn't doing our colouring-in of course. It is becoming quite the place to chat with us and receive updates about our many doings. Of course a minor failing of Facebook in the past was linking to profiles, the links tended to include 500 (ish) random integers and were far from pretty, certainly not something you could drop on a business card. This all changed yesterday with the launch of Facebook Usernames. Custom vanity URLs for all users, nice. This certainly wasn't something to be ignored, so your valiant Dave stayed up till 5am in his time zone to await the launch (ok, he was up for another reason too but that would spoil the story). Come the witching hour we joined the 200,000 who registered a name in the first three minutes of the launch and are now happy to announce you can reach us at

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