Saturday, August 15, 2009

No guesses?

I am going away, and not to Greenland.*

But I understand there may be an announcement of some kind in my absence, coming up quite soon. Oh wait. There won't actually be any absence, because I will have my wires with me, and where you have wires, you are connected to the world. And indeed, connected to wikiHowl. And to all the goings-on there. Or here. So I will feel like I am away, but I won't really BE away. Now I am starting to confuse myself. How is that for logic, Dave? Anyway, I will try my best not to get stranded, but if I do, I will just order a little smackerel of something to eat.

Have a nice time, all, while I am not away.

*GREENLAND. Yes, that is the answer to our little quiz. We have long waited for our first reader from Greenland and he (or she) finally decided to come in and visit with us on the date of July 11th. Welcome to you and yours from Nuuk, which as we all know was founded in 1728 by Hans Egede and is and enchanted place of reindeer on the land and humpback-whales playing in the fjord.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Ah, but it IS location related. And it IS a large land mass, but I am not too sure about the penguins. Well, it LOOKS like a really large landmass, but only on the mercatur projection.

Are you getting even warmer than that reader of ours, now that you know these thoughts, Dave?

(Glad we're keeping quiet on the aquarium experiments and stuff! At least for now.........)