Friday, February 19, 2010

Girls Are Like Radios

For a short while at wikiHow there was on file an article about How to Approach a Teenage Girl in India. I don't think I will add the article to our large collection of funny how-to articles, although it might fit nicely in our naive section. However, since we are all about finding and preserving the gems for posterity, I thought our readers might find this tip intriguing.

When you have started talking to a girl, make sure that you dont offer a secret to her, as girls are like radios.
What does that mean, exactly?

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to Count to Fifty or 250 as the Case May Be

Sometimes the funny stuff on wikiHow is not visible in the silly articles, which as we all know, get deleted poste haste. So if you are looking for humor over at wikiHow, you might consider scouring the comments left in various places scattered across the site. For example, one anonymous user recently lamented thusly about an article about how to count to fifty in French:

Dear Authors,

This website didn't help me at all because it only counts to thirty-two and it lied because it said it was going to teach me how to count in French to fifty but it only counted to thirty-two. Hope you and your friends can log on today or tomorrow and fix this website so it will show me how to count in French to fifty and not thirty-two, okay?

Of course, this complaint is unfounded, blatantly false, one might say. There are 32 steps showing how to count to fifty, but perhaps the reader overlooked that subtlety. If you look you will see. But that particular article is not all that funny, and if you are not looking for funny articles, then what are you doing here on the wikiHowl blog? Oh, maybe you came here looking for something about French.........

Surely you would rather take a peek at a little something about how to tell if your rat understands English, or perhaps a petite piece about parrots. Those birds can be remarkably talented at learning a foreign language. Beyond that, the closest we get to an article about French is our article about the people who live in Canada. If those how-to guides don't work for you, there are 247 other articles you could try. After all, we've just published our 250th creative commons article to wikiHowl, the largest collection of funny how-to articles in the entire world.

Vous ĂȘtes Bienvenues.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anyone See a Theme?

It snowed, so we had an article about how to shovel the snow. It is Valentines Day season, so we have an article about how to buy a gift. And now, because people drink soda we have now present an article to help you out there as well.